Patchology PoshPeel Foot Peel

Patchology Posh Foot Peel
 I just used the Patchology PoshPeel™ Pedi Cure foot peel and cannot believe my results. My feet feel not only baby soft smooth now, but they're brighter and just so fresh & clean looking! I love how much more confident I feel now in my sandals since I'm so happy with how my toes look.
I'm in Daytona now and so glad I used the peel before I got here. It's definitely warm enough here for me to wear some of my favorite sandals without worrying about unsightly callouses.  I plan to do follow up peel once a month to maintain my results. The peel was intense but; now that its over, I can definitely say it was worth it. I would recommend soaking your feet or taking baths during the peel process to help alleviate some of  the shedding. Wearing socks constantly during this time would help alot too, since gross as it sounds, the skin was getting everywhere! 

I started peeling on the fourth day and it lasted for about another four days after that.

Watch my Patchology PoshPeel Instructions and Review  Video Below 

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Patchology Posh Foot Peel 

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