The New Salvador Dali? Painter Michael Hussar

Painter Michael Hussar NYC Opening Reception
It's a beautiful fall night as I stand waiting outside the Last Rites Gallery in NYC. The air is cool, a light breeze..the perfect autumn weather. It's November 17th and I am hoping to catch a glimpse of the great & elusive American artist, Michael Hussar. It is said that he will be signing copies of his new book tonite at the gallery and I eagerly wait.

Not much is known about Hussar. He is a mystery to many, but I have been drawn almost hypnotically to his works since I first saw them 10 years ago. It was his oil painting "Saliva" which drew me in. I could not take my eyes off it, both horrified and excited at his creation. 
21st Century Painter Michael Hussar
I guess it was an excitement more comparable to that of an adrenaline rush..a rush of fear? Of something..not necessarily good at all. I had never felt that way about a piece of art, about anything at all really, and many of his works still give me the same feeling to this day. 

Tonite's opening reception is vastly different than his oil paintings though. It is a collection of his figure drawings, which show a softer and more sensual side to the artist. They are exquisitely delicate & beautiful and not in the slightest way horrifying at all. 

His drawings, gentle pencil stokes on paper are renderings of his models, companions of past..all seemingly created  lovingly and beautifully. Such a different experience, yet equally as moving, although in complete opposites. 

Crowds are streaming in as they wait for the man many consider the new Salvador Dali, one of the greatest painters of the 21st century. Hussar arrives and does not disappoint. He is humble, patiently listening as each guest approaches him, many meekly, so touched by his work. He listens and rushes no one as they tell him their private stories, whispering even, sharing how he has touched their lives through his works. 
greatest 21st century painter michael hussar nyc
I am honored to be here, witnessing what is enfolding before me. There is so much of the invisible, made visible tonite. Like magic, his true art..the only thing thats real in this world.  

Michael's Show "LA Women" is an exhibition of drawings by Hussar, who also  signed copies of his new book “Figure Drawings 2009-2014"

Drawing are on display at Last Rites Gallery until January 13th at Last Rites Gallery. 
nyc art painter michael hussar
famous painter michael hussar

greatest american painter michael hussar

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