I Was Homeless! My Journey To Happiness

Hi loves =) Just wanted to share some of my journey, from homeless and abused to, the happy place I'm in now.

I owe so much of my happiness now, thanks to all of you and thats why I could never thank you enough. It was hard for me to even tell this much today..but its a great start, especially for me. I've hid and been ashamed for so long, for my whole life. 

Thank you so much with all my heart. You have all healed so much of the pain and scars of abuse in my have no idea.
I hope you will see that we can overcome, we can get to a place where we can be happy & maybe even healed. I hope this story time video is inspiring & motivational to anyone who has to overcome the hardships of life. You can do it and I'm rooting for you!

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