Fake Jeffree Star Lipstick!!

Hey babes! I'm so happy to be home and opening packages from you dolls! I was pretty shocked when someone did send me a fake Jeffree Star lipstick though! Whoever sent it said they thought fakes were just as good as real, but honestly, the package said celebrity skin and this was definitely not that shade! It also never dried down and smeared all over me so I don't think its good to purchase knock offs at all. Plus apparently they have unsafe chemicals in them so, yeah um,  no thanks :(

But thankfully I received some amazing packages that I loved! Thank you Ranalynn for the beautiful postcard and OMGosh Susan!! I love the tumbler so much and the soft lips too! Your card was so beautiful also!! So grateful for friends like you girls!

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Thanks so much for stopping by. LYBSM 💜

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