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happiness planner stickers

happy planner stickers

Happy Planner Stickers
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I recently purchased The Create 365 Happy Planner from Michaels and I'm so happy I did. I cannot believe how much more I am getting done and it feels amazing! I'm using it to cultivate new habits, like daily meditation and I'm even using it to schedule in fitness.
Strangly enough by writing it down on my to do list beforehand, I'm actually doing it now!
I love using the inspiring quotes stickers to decorate my days, the bright colors really do make me feel so uplifted  and inspired to keep up my journaling.

You have to purchase the quote stickers, fitness planner and pink cover separately but they are all reasonably priced.
This was such a great purchase! Michael's has lots of choices for your own cover and designs. You can see more at

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