I cannot believe how blessed I was to have been able to see Wyclef Jean and Bibi Bourelly performing live at the Youtube Space in NYC. The event is called Music Mondays and this month was in celebration of Black History Month. 

First Bibi performed and was so incredible there are absolutely no words to capture how beyond amazing she was. You just have to watch and see for yourself!
I have said in an earlier blog, Bibi reminded me of what it may have been like to see Janis Joplin perform, with so much raw emotion, pure energy flowing through and out her into her song, like magic, like being transported to another realm. Yes it was truly that amazing of an experience!

Wyclef Jean performed next and can I say,  to be honest, I had no idea what a complete and total musical genius he is. Of course, so many know him from the Fugees and as an amazing hip hop artist. But, I was never ever expecting him to perform BB King style blues, as well as rocking out with his guitar in a Jimi Hendrix tribute! 

I added some clips to the above video but truth be told, there was no way I could truly capture the intensity and pure genius of this multitalented performer! He was beyond on fire, passionate and also then bringing so much fun and joy to the house when he broke into his Caribbean roots and brought Carnival to NYC! 

Jazzy Amra performed with him as well and sang so beautifully and in Spanish, as well as English. 

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