Luxury Scent Box: My Experience So Far

Luxury Scent Box
I must say, I am absolutely in love with my Luxury Scent Box experience so far and this Prada Candy fragrance has alot to do with it! As I mentioned in an earlier post, for the first month of this beauty subscription plan, I received Prada Candy. I am still so in love with this clean and fresh scent and would never have tried it if it weren't for my joining Luxury Scent Box. 

Since joining, I feel more at ease to try different scents and experiment since the cost is so much less that purchasing a full sized scent. There is none of the commitment pressure I had felt when I had bought larger sized, expensive perfumes in the past. It's so relaxing and easy to give in to your whims and fragrance curiosities when you know this subscription plan is only $15 a month, plus you can easily cancel anytime.

 Another reason I love Luxury Scent Box so much is for  how  easy they make it for you to carry the perfect sized fragrance in your purse or for travel. When you join Luxury Scent Box, you receive a signature travel sized case to carry your fragrance with you that I love so much. Each fragrance is approximately a .30oz vial that fits perfectly in your complimentary case. I love this so much, as I carry it in my makeup bag and am able to give myself a quick spritz when I'm on the run. Fragrance and scent truly uplift me and a quick spray of one of these gorgeous fragrances and I am feeling absolutely amazing! 

Your Luxury Scent Box subscription includes only the most exclusive and luxurious scents, so you are sure to be feeling  as beautiful as you truly are in no time.
To become a Luxury Scent Box Member, simply visit

Let me know some of your favorite fragrances. I'd love to try them out!

Love Always, 

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