Happy National Women's Day!! #HerVoiceisMyVoice Ashley Graham Body Posit...

#HerVoiceisMyVoice  On this National Women's Day, I'd like to take a moment and thank a woman who's spirit shines so bright, she inspires girls and women everywhere. Thank you Ashley Graham for your body positivity & for uplifting women to love and respect themselves!

 All body sizes are beautiful, skinny and curvy women alike. I'm so glad though that the media is now showing more curvy women as the beautiful women they are. It makes me so happy to see international media like the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue now featuring plus size models, in addition to smaller sizes, in all their glory.
I hope all women will celebrate their inner and outer beauty today, love themselves and know they are perfect just as they are. Every age, every size, every color, every sex should know, they are beautiful and anyone who tells you different can have a seat..we're going to show them how its done!

Happy National Women's Day! 

Love you babes so much =) 

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