Chanel Spring-Summer 2017 + New Chanel Emojis

Chanel emojis

The Chanel Spring Summer 2017 collection features so many fun and slightly outrageous purses to choose from. I loved seeing them all, yes even the LED light up bag! It's all in good fun and I imagine the LED purses would look pretty amazing at a night club.
Personally, I'm pretty obsessed with these gorgeous caps they've  come out with, like this pink tweed one or the stunning blue one below.

 I am just truly loving the updated Chanel app and wanted to share it with you beauties. It has so much going on and it's pretty amazing to me, as I remember when I couldn't even look at the bags on their site. 

Now everything is right there in the palm of your hand, with almost every bag being shown, new accessories and even your own Chanel emojis! 

Chanel Hat 2017
On the app they have tons more photos, behind the scenes videos, footage and more. 

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