New Mexico Layover

I'm back in NY now and on our way home from LA, we stopped in New Mexico for the night. Like so many, I was immediately taken back by the beautiful terrain of New Mexico, the terra cotta red rocks, the massive abstract shaped rock formations. It's not like anything I'd ever seen in all my life, especially growing up in NYC.

Where I lived, like most of NYC, was all gray concrete, not even much grass really. I used to look out my window, at the building across from mine, so close I could almost touch it. I dreamed to see the sky, to have grass to play in, a tree. I think these are the things, alot of times, they are easily taken for granted. It's easy to understand why, when in the rest of the country, there is plenty of that, of nature. In the Bronx, at least where I lived, that wasn't the case.

 In alot of ways, I didn't want to write about these things, but I want to be truthful and honest and if it comes to mind, I will write it. I don't want to hold back or be ashamed. I was thinking back to when I was younger because now, I am absolutely astonished at my life, at the things I see. I appreciate it so much because I didn't have it for so long and I wanted it so badly. 

I think thats why, even though we could only stop for a short time, I had so much fun in New Mexico. I love to experience different lives and cultures and  I hope I do that more now. I had so much fun sort of immersing myself, well as quickly as I could I guess, into the diverse culture of New Mexico. It is a place where you meet many Native American's, like the woman who sold me this poncho she made.
Now that I have a blog next time I can take more pictures. I would love to have shown you a picture of her little adobe clay store!  Outside of her shop, actually right behind it, was the Continental divide and then in front she had this covered wagon. I just loved it all and felt almost transported back in time. No wonder New Mexico is called "The Land of Enchantment" inspiring so many great artists, like Georgia O'Keefe

continental divide new mexicoXL
We were only there a short time, but the culture, the energy of this place,  was so deep and complex, it truly affected me greatly.

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