Little Treasures: New at Papyrus Kate Spade & More

little treasures 

I'm so happy it's been nice enough out for me to go for a walk these past few days. One of my favorite things to do on a walk, is to stop into Papyrus. I make that my reward and motivation to get me going. I'll tell myself, "Ok Alegra, if you walk to Papyrus you can yourself something special." I love Papyrus, its one of my favorite stores, so that always gets me going. 

Papyrus is about a 20 minute walk from my house with lots of hills in between, so that makes for a great workout. Then to get back is another 20 minutes so its a complete 40 minute workout for me. In one of my previous blogs, I wore my Apple watch and it said I burnt 700 calories! I'm not complaining whatsoever! 

I've been eating so much lately and ugh..gaining weight. So I knew a 700 calorie workout was definitely in order. Aside from that though, I love to stop in Papyrus so that was in order too!

Once I got to Papyrus, I was glad to see they had so many new items in stock. I always love their Kate Spade stationary selection and I  loved the new gold look Kate Spade has come out with. They had gold pens, gold polka dot notepads, journals and more. 
gold dots notepad by kate spade

similar pink flower pen
I wound up purchasing these whimsical flower pens. They just make me smile and look so pretty on my desk. Pink is so uplifting for me every time I catch a glimpse of it =) 

I also purchased this lovely Blush Petals small candle. It's made of soy and has the lightest, sweet scent.
blush petals soy candle 

When I was checking out, I couldn't resist this charming little gold "Hello Gorgeous" keychain or bag charm. I love it  as a charm on my LV mini azure  pochette.  
louis vuitton mini pochette accessoires azur canvas

hello gorgeous keychain/ bag charm  
I use the pochette with a Louis Vuitton Strap. I love it for a spring and summer as a mini cross body. 
louis vuitton shoulder strap 

Hope you beauties are all doing good!

Love Always, 

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