So happy I received Prada Candy perfume in this months Luxury Scent Box! In this video, I share my luxury scent box experience so far and give a Prada Candy review. I am loving the fresh and clean luxury scent  of Prada Candy and absolutely love this luxury beauty box subscription.
Luxury Scent Box is a similar to many of the beauty subscription plans that are out there now. You pay $15.00 a month to join and then you receive a different authentic .30oz luxury scent each month. 

You begin by taking a fragrance questionnaire, which asks questions pertaining to fragrance scents you prefer. For example, do you prefer sweet scents, florals, spicy or oriental notes?

A fragrance specialist then reviews your preferences and matches you to the perfect luxury scent. Each month you will receive a new fragrance to try out and build your fragrance collection.
I personally love to change my perfume based on my mood, where I'm going or what I'm wearing. The weather and time of year also effect my fragrance choices. In the winter months I love a rich, musky scent. In the summer, I love a light, airy and vibrant choice. 

With your Luxury Scent Box subscription plan, you also receive a 
a case to keep your perfume in, which I love to toss in my purse and carry with me throughout the day. 

For my first month, I received Prada Candy. After applying it to my wrists, I immediately felt uplifted, fresh and clean. It almost reminds me of Johnson and Johnson's baby shampoo. I know alot of you said this was your absolute favorite fragrance and I can see why. I truly love it and find myself giving myself a spray throughout the day just to uplift myself and feel revitalized.  It makes me feel that amazing and I truly love the effect! 

You can cancel your Luxury Scent Box subscription at any time, but personally I love it and love receiving a new surprise scent each month! Can't wait to see what next months scent is! 

Are you subscribed to Luxury Scent Box? Have you loved your scents so far? Let me know in the comments below!

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