Tag! You're it!! Take the Frances Ann & Alegra Chetti Get to Know Me Challenge by answering the questions below...if you dare!! We'll pick the tags we like best & feature them on my page!! If you're a beauty guru, lifestyle vlogger or youtuber , this is a great way to grow your Youtube Channel & make New Friends with this great shout out contest  =) 

To be considered:
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then make a video answering the questions below: (try not to peek at the questions before you answer, we love your real self reactions!!)

1)what famous person dead or alive would you choose to have dinner with ? 

2)if you were in a beauty store and only had $10 to spend what would you buy ? 

3)If you could have only one makeup product for the rest of your life what would it be ?

4) What is your favourite season ? 

5)And what is your favourite outfit to wear in that season ?

6) favourite drink  on a hot summer day?

7)what is one think you do every day before leaving the house ?

8 ) what is the one beauty product you use that your husband absolutely hates ?

9) one App you can't live without 

10) who is your famous Heart throb 💓?

(Questions Written by Frances Ann)

Can't Wait to See Your Answers!!
We will pick a new winner Every 1st of the Month!! Don't forget to tag us in the title so we can find your entry! 

Good Luck!!

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