Actress, Model, Youtuber and Beauty Blogger, Alegra Chetti, is at it again with her ultimate before and after makeup transformation. Using time lapse technology, not only is this the ultimate beauty makeover video; but now, the fastest! 

After her last makeup transformation video went viral, she decided to challenge herself to create the fastest video she could. According to Alegra, she accomplished her goal with this latest video, now the world’s fastest makeup before and after makeup transformation video.
Alegra is not only a Youtuber and makeup artist, but an appcaster with her own live show on the Kamcord app. On her show, Alegra gives her live commentary on the week’s trending topics. It’s always funny and somewhat informative.
Alegra was previously best known for appearing as one of Maxim Magazine’s Most Beautiful in Manhattan and for being featured on billboards worldwide for “The Wolf of Wall Street”. There’s no telling what Alegra Chetti will be up to next!
For more on Alegra, check out and her World’s Fastest Makeup Transformation up on her Youtube Channel now at

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