Smoky Mountains Angel Sighting? REAL Cross Apparition!!

While I was in Gatlinburg shopping, I bumped into a man and he suggested I head up to Cades Cove deep in the Smoky Mountains. He said there was a primitive Baptist church there  and of course I had to go see it! I didn't know it at the time, but people say that there  are the ghosts of Cades Cove haunting there, that it is a haunted place, a haunted town, a haunted church. I didn't know it before I went there though and experienced this paranormal activity.

When I was there, I was filming with my iPhone. I looked down and could see beams of light everywhere, but they were only visible thru the camera, in real life, the church was dark, the woods were just green, there were no lights. When I got home, I looked further at the footage and saw this cross apparition of lights in the tree. This is all 100% real footage. I feel there were  angels there and I felt so happy and filled with joy. These were more like the lights of angels to me, than scary ghosts. What do you think?? 


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