NEW ENGLAND HAUNTING!! America's Most Haunted House!

Go inside one of the most haunted houses in America, where civil war ghosts haunt to this day. Experience the real paranormal activity in Laconia, New Hampshire in this raw shot footage!

Kamcord Appcaster, Alegra Chetti, thought she was going away for a relaxing summer vacation to Weirs Beach, New Hampshire. When she got there she found out, she couldn't have been more wrong! 

As soon as she arrived at the Half Moon Motel, strange things started happening. When she met a old man down at the dock, things took a turn for the downright creepy.

The old man revealed to her this seemingly sleepy old town was infested with civil war era ghosts, who roam the town all night long, watching and waiting for the chance to reveal themselves to some unsuspecting soul. 

In this video, you'll hear first hand some of the secrets the old man revealed to Alegra, all caught on tape. 

In part 2, he takes Alegra to what has been said to be one of the most haunted houses in America. Watch and experience this haunted home for yourself!

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