Mini Bosu Ball Arms & Abs Fitness Routine! Kardashian Workout!

Mini Fitness Inspiration Video of Some of Todays Exercises using these Bosu Ball exercises for Arms & Abs! Great for toning flabby arms without using weights. I also did 1 hour on the elliptical stepper and am on my way to transforming my body with this fitness girls workout! The bosu ball is the same exercise equipment Kourtney & Khloe Kardashian use to  work out with. Kourt looks amazing after just having her third baby, go girl!!

Purchase your Bosu Ball at

I also realize now ALOT of the things I was telling myself and believed were NOT True! So don't believe it when the voice in your head says you can't do it, it'll never be you...I believed that voice for so long and it was all Lies! 

We can do it, we can have the body of our dreams, don't give up! I was about to and had started binging cupcakes and pizza. I just told myself to give-up and I was right about to.. until someone stepped in and believed in me and changed my life! 

Now I'm Seriously Feeling Amazing eating healthy and exercising! 
I never dreamed this could be me!

In the future, I'll post my before and after shots, you will not believe it! I'll also share whats helped me get so fit and have the body of my dreams. 

Focus is a Beautiful Thing and I'm so grateful to be able to focus now on the positive things in life! Can't wait to keep this up and see further results! Thanks so much for watching! Hope You'll Subscribe and Stay in Touch!

All the Best, 
Alegra Chetti

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Mini Fitness Motivation & Bosu Ball Arms & Abs Fitness!
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