Starbucks Flat White!!! + Saying Goodbye to the Past!!

Hi Guys 😊 Just wanted to pop in and say hi! Im here in Florida and am just enjoying my current obsession, this Starbucks Flat White! Did I mention in the vlog how delicious it is?? OMG it really is!!

I also just wanted to thank you guys for all your advice..Im so happy I was able to block those fake friends! I felt really guilty at first but now I feel great for putting my own happiness Lindsey said " they don't deserve us!" Its hard saying goodbye to the past but if you want to grow and live your life to the fullest, its better to let these haters go and make room for all the good things and good people to come into your life!

Check out Lindsey's  Channel at

She's such a great person and has awesome mommy blogs =)

I wound up not going to the party but Im home and cozy so that even better imo 😁 Hope you're doing good! Talk to you soon!!

Alegra Chetti;

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