Model's Amazing Makeup Transformation

Model's Amazing Makeup Transformation!

MANHATTAN, N.Y.March 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- You've seen her on "The Wolf of Wall Street" billboards world wide & in Maxim Magazine and now you can watch as model, actress and YouTube sensation Alegra Chetti completely transforms herself through the power of makeup.
According to Alegra, many people have claimed she goes from "ugly to pretty" in her makeup before and after video, but, according to Alegra, this is nothing she hadn't heard before. 
"People always told me I was ugly before I began wearing makeup and I would look at women in magazines and wish I could look as glamourous. I began practicing different makeup looks on myself and could not believe the change in how I was perceived, by the public and even friends and family."
Suddenly Alegra found herself in demand as a model and even appeared in Maxim magazine in their feature on "Manhattan's Most Beautiful." 
"I couldn't believe it when I was chosen by Maxim and then by Martin Scorsese for 'The Wolf of Wall Street' billboards. I started getting letters on my Facebook and social media from old classmates, claiming they never really thought I was ugly and wanted to be friends with me now. This is after they wanted nothing to do with me before. I just laugh because I can't believe they really think I'm that different just because I'm wearing makeup now. I'm still the same exact person they shunned before."
In her YouTube video, you can watch as Alegra expertly uses several hundred dollars in makeup to completely transform her look in this fast paced, time lapse video. 
Alegra is now receiving world wide acclaim for her makeup transformation and says she hopes to use her newfound fame to inspire her viewers to love and accept themselves, with and without makeup. Watch for yourself at -  

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Model's Amazing Makeup Transformation

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