Hi Loves! Today me & my fur babies took a trip to the vet. Its really hard for me & them to go for the  vet visit bc we've had a few bad experiences in the past at the vet. 

I didn't have a car today so we walked thru my neighborhood to get there. This was my first time walking through this neighborhood so truth be told there was a lot going on that  I was not expecting! I actually get scared in this video and was so stressed out! I was trying to stay calm and react normal but it was so hard! Lola & Oliver were also having scared reactions so it was a stressful day for all of us!

At the vet, my chihuahua Oliver had to get a shot and blood taken. He has a bad heart but he's doing really good. I have to take him for a check up every 6 months though so that they can see how he's doing. 

He's 12 now and he's always running and  playing so I think he's doing good but only the doctor can tell from doing his tests..he's letting us know the results Monday so I'll let you know how it goes ♡ Thanks for coming to the vet today with us! Hope you're doing good!  See you soon! 

Alegra Chetti;

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