Easy Escarole & Beans Vegetable Recipes!! Yummy Italian Vegan Home Cooking!!

Hi Loves! Wanted to share this delicious and amazingly easy Italian Style Vegan Recipe thats helping me lose so much weight! Its also gluten free and a delicious vegetable recipes! Im so happy to be eating healthy food and hope you guys enjoy this quick and simple meal as much as I do!

This Escarole & Beans recipe makes a delicious easy vegetarian meal!

You can also begin by sautéing some fresh garlic in olive oil before adding the escarole, I didn't bc I have been feeling sensitive to garlic lately so I skipped that step.

You can also add whatever spices you like; topping with veggie parmesan cheese is yummy and healthy too =)

Make sure and thoroughly wash your escarole before you saute it and also only use the green leafy top & middle, the bottom has a grainy texture to it you probably won't like.

For this recipe you basically only need

olive oil


can of cannelloni beans

vegetable broth

and whatever seasonings you like, I used Goya Adobe & extra pepper

Let me know if you's like to see more of my healthy recipes that are helping me lose weight and feel great!
Alegra Chetti;

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