Sailor Jerry Tattoos at ASYLUM Williamsburg

I recently got a Sailor Jerry designed Tattoo at ASYLUM Tattoo in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Steve Lewis writes for BlackBook magazine & he wrote about his experience getting a Sailor Jerry Tattoo at ASYLUM too.
I love the article he wrote bc it sums up alot of why Sailor Jerry Designed tattoos are such a traditional & timeless design for a tattoo

Check Out Some of what he wrote below:

"I’m obsessed with Sailor Jerry, not only for the inspiration to cover my entire body in ink, but as a brand that’s doing something cool everywhere I look, everyday. Their posters hawk hipsters at important train stations. They are continuously booking free concerts, like the Circle Jerks this Saturday for the X-Games in Aspen, and they rocked it all summer long in my ‘hood. They will be doing loads of stuff at SXSW and Coachella this spring.

They also have a cool coffee table book out just now called Homeward Bound, which goes along with the documentary Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry: The Life and Times of Norman Keith Collins, directed by Erich Weiss. They’re distributing three limited edition labels of the rum in honor of what would be Sailor Jerry’s hundredth birthday. They are out there, doing everything they can to create an image and define the Sailor Jerry brand, which includes a clothing line. I support them because they are giving so much back to the community, even if they’re doing it to grow their brand. Watching Sailor Jerry come into its own, due to the efforts of its fearless crew, is interesting. I honor them with 2 (going on 7) tattoos, and a toast of the sweet stuff to the inspirational Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins. "

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What do you think of Sailor Jerry Designed Tattoos?

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