Raquel Welsh Beauty Secrets!

I just purchased Raquel Welch's Book "Beyond the Cleavage" & I LOVE it! Raquel is so gorgeous & inspiring at 70 years old, I had to know some of her beauty secrets! She generously shares many of them in this book. One product  she highly recommends is Frownies

She says virtually every actress & actor in Hollywood uses them. I purchased a box at and OMG YES They really do work!

I honestly could not believe my eyes! Wrinkles and lines truly disappeared after I removed the Frownies & stayed gone! I'm completely addicted now. I recommend also purchasing the rose water hydrator that you use to wet the Frownies before you apply them to your face. Raquel says she also practices yoga daily and loves MAC Cosmetics eyeshadows. She's been doing her own makeup since the beginning of her modeling career!

Raquel says in her book the most important aspect to being beautiful is to believe you are. Mediating on loving and treasuring yourself even for just 5 minutes daily is a great way to achieve this.

You can pick up Raquel's book also at here

She gives so many tips, from how to apply makeup, her favorite products, her diet and what supplements she takes. Definitely worth every penny!

Alegra Chetti;

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