Dont be Afraid to be Great

Today I heard this quote from a football player on tv & it got me thinking. He said, "Dont be afraid to be great." It made me realize, in many ways, I was afraid to be the greatest version of me I could be. I was afraid to be as great as I dreamt of.

For me, I had always dreamt of being the most fittest version of me I could be. As a big girl, I dreamed to have a slender body, of looking great in a bikini and of being healthy. But, as I would slim down & get fitter, I would feel attack all around. From so called friends, to family members and even from strangers. I guess jealousy is a  hugely driving force in this society. It seems alot of people  are constantly in a state of how can they attack others to make themselves look better.

I sometimes wonder if there is an epidemic of narsissism going around. After learning more about narsissicm, one tell tale sign of this disorder is that they cannot stand any challenge to their ego and will attack anyone who makes them somehow feel inadequate. They will even  go so far as to make up lies about
who or whatever is challenging their ego. These lies can be absolutely insane how far fetched from reality they are. I'm not sure if  they even believe the lies, but more important, is that other people believe the lies. Somehow this will let them continue to be  the "star of the show".

When your surrounded by people like this, it makes you afraid to be the best version  of you because you will be attacked. No normal person wants to be attacked, we want to be happy, to be loved, for everyone to get along. Personally, I would shrink back, give up my healthy ways, gain weight. It was easier for me to hide on the sidelines. Easier yes, but happier? No.

Now after so much time, I'm finally free to be me. I've had to let these people go from my life. Realizing that I had been afraid all along helped me to work on that fear, challenge it and become strong. Yes you might and probably will be attacked by some jealous person for whatever great thing you want to do or be, just accept comes with the territory, with life I guess. But dont let that stop you. Be strong, be great, stand tall, go within yourself and find that strength. You dont have to please anyone, especially those who are only trying to hurt you. Keep going and be the greatest version of you ~ You deserve to have your dreams come true  : )

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