At Home Salon Hair Color

Did you know you can get salon gorgeous hair color easily at home? And for a fraction of the cost? I had been paying upwards of $100 for a single process in the salon and am now spending only $11.00 to get the same exact results easily at home!

With websites like you can now purchase the same exact Redken colors salons use and do it yourself at home.

First, You will need to purchase your desired shade,  the processing solution, applicator bottle and plastic gloves. Before coloring, brush your hair to remove any tangles.
Pour 2 oz of processing solution into the applicator bottle (it is marked like a measuring cup to show you where 2 oz is), then pour  the bottle of your color into the applicator bottle and shake them together. Apply this to your hair for 40 minutes and viola! Gorgeous Salon at home Color!

I also like to take a fine tooth comb and comb the color thru my roots to distribute evenly. The Redken color is very thick so it generally it will not splash about and make a mess of your bathroom, another bonus of using a high quality hair color. I do not recommend trying anything drastic yourself though..I would only go this route if you are refreshing the color you have already.

 Try it yourself.. You'll absolutely love the results!

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