You Gotta Move it to Lose it

Its easy to assume stars are naturally fit (esp the young ones) but it not true!! We've all got to do some kind of exercise & eat healthy to get that hot body!! I believe the key is to not exercise too much, just exercise consistently & eat'll be flaunting your sexy self in no time :)
Don't forget to load up on veggies..they'll make your skin glow and fill you up, plus the fiber helps keep your craving under control~
Find Out Below what some of your favorite stars are doing to keep fit:
Kristin Cavallari : Kickboxes 3x's a week ~ Starts each day with fruit and eggs, salads and chicken for lunch and a healthy dinner. Kashi bars for snacks
Kourtney Kardashian: Before her pregancy used running to tone up, now 4 mile hikes with family

Jessica Alba: worked out to lose baby weight & worked out before baby

Adriana Lima: boxes, runs and jumps rope before the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, doesnt eat carbs for dinner
Rihanna: Pilates
Beyonce : Lunges & Squats 5 days a week

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