How to At Home Spa Manicure

Lately Ive been obsessed with nails. I'm so happy my obsesson is  paying off! Since I've learned how to do my own at home spa manicure, my nails look 1000x's better than they ever have from going to the salon. And its so much less expensive : )

Here I'll share with you the steps to getting gorgeous nails, so easily!

1. First take a buffer and smooth your nail bed. This exfoliates your nails, just like you exfoliate your face.

2. Gently take your file and shape your nail tips.

3. Brush Cuticle Remover on the cuticles. Wait 2-8 minutes and then take an orange stick and gently push along the sides of your nails and then on the cuticle at the base of your nail bed. Push & make small circles until it feels smooth. Your cleaning away all the dead skin cells & you'll see them coming off.  After you've done all your nails, wash with water and use a nail brush to clean under your nails.

4. Now Brush Cuticle Oil on the cuticles and massage in. I love Lippmann's Cuticle Oil bc its so easy to brush on.

You can also warm a cuticle oil in the microwave for about 30 seconds and then apply the warm oil to your nails and massage in.

5. Then with the cuticle oil still on your hands massage in a rich hand cream.

6. Now pick a color nail polish that will make you happy. Color really effects your mood and you'd be surprised at how seeing a lovely color on your tips can brighten your day. Don't be afraid to try something new..its only nail polish : ) Have fun!

7. Take a q tip or piece of tissue and remove any extra cream from your nail bed.

8. Brush on a base coat. There are diffrent base coats to meet your needs. There are ridge filler base coats, if your nails feel bumpy. There are protein bases to strengthen your nails. Use whatever you like : )

9. Now brush on a thin coat of your chosen color. Go over each nail and then repeat for a total of two coats.

10. Finally, brush on a top coat. One I love is Hard As Nails..this keeps my nails chip free for almost a week!

11. At this point I like to spray on a drying spray like, DeMert Nail Dryer spray  

I will usually sit at my computer & surf the internet for about 20 minutes, so that I dont smudge my nails. Generally when you can click on nail against the other and they dont stick, they're done!

I really love doing my nails now. Usually a new nail polish is only around $3.00 and it makes you feel like a million bucks : ) I like to do this spa manicure once a week.

I love how my nails look now and I think you will too..let me know!

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