Joanna Krupa's Diet & Fitness Plan!!

Dancing With the Star's Joanna Krupa has been voted one of the sexiest woman in the world by magazines around the globe - here she shares, with, some tips on how to get in beach body-shape.

"Staying or getting in shape is an issue when you are like me and like to eat and don't care for daily workouts.Since I am getting asked a lot what I do, here my personal regime:

Breakfast: I ‘m not big on breakfast, but don’t wanna miss out on nutrients, so I usually have a shot of Mona Vie in the morning…It’s an Acai juice. Cleanses and really keeps your appetite under control while giving you some good amount of antioxidants…

Fish over meat: I recently switched to being a 95%fish-tarian and feel good without meat…if I have a strong craving for meat, I have a steak…but interestingly enough my craving for meat is decreasing. So I indulge in sushi (!!) and salads and seafood dishes and - once in a while I allow myself also some French fries or pancakes, but key is to not make that a daily habit. In the evening I usually go out for dinner and eat pretty much what I want…BUT watch the portion and carb intake ….But key is for me : trying not to eat later than 6pm, unless it’s a big night out with friends.

As for alcohol: when it’s party-time I like my vodka and obviously its lower calorie than Wine, champagne or sugar-loaded cocktails. The super light version of a little buzz is Vodka with diet coke.

Workout: For those who wanna develop muscles mass fast without having to become a gym rat, try Power plate. (Google it)… just 20 min one time a week gets me the result I need to stay in shape….No, I am NOT kidding you…it’s Hollywood’s best kept secret to stay or get in shape fast.

How to fight or prevent cellulite or simply shape up more on those stubborn areas? TriActive Laser is a painless treatment that impressed with my fast results.

Quick fix: for an addition slimming touch, add a spray-on tan, cause a tanned body always looks slimmer. Have a healthy and beautiful spring and summer!

Yours,Joanna Krupa"

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