Heidi Montag Style Guide

All of a sudden, I've been overcome with Heidi fever. I've was never..ever..into her look before but suddenly I am obsessed

Here she is a stunning pair of wedge boots, Louis Vuitton Whisper bag, with ubiquitous coffee cup in hand..oh and we cannot forget how fabulously she rocks the Hermes belt!
Love her SnowBunny look below~
A Hermes Kelly & Birkin complete the look~
Gotta Love a Fellow Bagaholic!

Heidi Montag Style, Heidi Montage Purses


  1. I used to sell these Birkins back in the day. check out my blog for health and diet tips thanks.

  2. I love her snow bunny look as well! Pretty!

  3. Yup, I have to admit: I'm kinda loving her style, too! ;)