Model Perfect Body: For the Love of...

In my quest for a model perfect body, I'm discovering many things that are helping me stay focused & satisfied. I'm going to share whats helping me keep on track to ooh la la fabulousness!

While we have all heard it many times before, vegetables are hugely important to a super hot & healthy body. I started by basically forcing myself to eat them, since the junk food junkie that I was, I had negative zero desire to eat them.

You will probably have to force yourself to eat them too, especially at first, but the results are so worth it. First, you will be so full after a plate full of veggies that it will be very hard to eat any other junk food you might have been considering. Try it and you will be surprised & delighted, I promise you!

Whats really important is to prepare them so that they're pretty delicious. There are many ways to do this. One of my favorite dishes is cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, balsamic dressing & olive oil. I basically will use up to 40 cherry tomatoes since I have a huge appetite.

But after this dish, I'm stuffed!

Two more dishes I love are baked eggplant with tomato sauce and mozzarella and well cooked broccoli with shredded cheese on top. I mash the very soft broccoli and cheese together and have it with chicken. I just had this tonite and my stomach is so stuffed I cant even breathe!

Sometimes as a snack, I'll just skin a cucumber and eat that like a banana, also very filling & refreshing too.

I hope you'll all give this a try. I know its sounds totally unappealing but if you just force yourself to eat them, you'll be really happy to see your cravings for junk diminish. I know its been really hard for me to lose weight & I just want to share whats helping me with all of you!

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