Peanut Butter Diet

I have been trying to lose weight for basically my whole life to no avail.

I had heard having a tbsp of peanut butter would satisfy cravings and help control hunger, but I never believed I pretty much hate peanut butter ( without jelly or chocolate that is)

Out of desperation recently I forced myself to have a tbsp of crunchy natural peanut butter & within minutes, I felt my energy impove and my hunger subside.

I started having a tbsp when I first woke up and then after workouts.

I had some at nite when my usual cravings for junk food were at there worst.

Guys, I cant believe it but I have been feeling so full, so energetic & so without cravings its unbelievable!

And BEST of all..I am losing so much weight! My body looks so good now that I have the energy to work out and diet together at the same time ( something I could never do before bc I would become so lethargic from dieting)
I am eating much less that usual bc I feel so full & satisfied.
I was worried at first I would gain weight from this but after a week I can honestly report I am getting skinny!
Another great bonus is peanut butter is so inexpensive & easy. I haven't had to buy my usual $5.00 protein drinks and its so convenient to store a jar in my hotel room now that I'm away from home ( & easy to find at any supermarket)

Has anyone tried this before? What were your results?

Ive also been squeezing alittle bit of Hershey's Lite Chocolate syrup on top of the peanut butter & its actually pretty delicious!!!

I had to share this with everyone ~ Hope it works for you too!
Please note, I am eating Peanut Butter in conjunction with my normal healthy diet. I am not only eating peanut butter, merely in addition to my healthy favorites like chicken, fish & whole grains.

For more information Check out this article by sports nutritionist Nancy Clarke, MS RD


  1. ohh wow i'm definetly going to try that out!!

  2. meee gunna try this out!...

    i like your blog...cuz i like looking at gorgeous chicks..

    happened to pass on by !