Tofu Shirataki Noodles: Low Carb & Delicious!!

Tofu Shirataki Noodles

Low Carb, Low Fat & Only 20 calories per serving!!

I just bought these tonite and I'm in heaven ~ I cannot believe I'm sitting here on my "diet" eating fettucine alfredo!!

Preparation is important nomatter your recipe. The noodles come packaged in a liquid & it is important to rinse them and have them dried thoroughly before you eat them. The simple directions come written on the bag.
For my fettucine alfredo recipe, I rinsed them well, strained them in a strainer, & removed excess water by patting them gently with Bounty paper towel.

Then I microwaved them for 1 minute & strained & dried them again with the Bounty (just gently pat dry with the paper towel).

I then put lowfat Ragu Alfredo sauce on top, Parmesian cheese, peas, black pepper and bacon bits. Mix it all together in a bowl.

Finally, I put it all in the microwave again for 1 minute..Absolutely Delicious! With food like this I know it will be easy to eat well for life. Its so good!

For more info & locations where you can purchase your noodles, visit the link below~

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