How Stars Stay Skinny

Adrianna Lima Hot Bod Through Hard Work

Celebrity Quotes to Keep Us Fitness Motivated

Minka Kelly: Friday Night Lights' star Minka Kelly says "I work my butt off. Really. I run at least 45 minutes every day. And then three days a week I do weights."

Eva Mendes: To maintain her sexy shape, she says, she's "sticking to my exercise regime," working out four days a week with trainer Harley Pasternak, doing cardio and light weights.

Kim Kardashian: "I like my shape, but to get rid of cellulite I focus on toning, doing martial arts on a treadmill. I've got a personal trainer who keeps me active," she says. "I work my butt and legs just about every day, and I do cardio to burn fat. And Spanx are my best friend!,"

Nicole Kidman's Hot from Running Bod

: "If I know I'm going on vacation, I'll do Pilates for two weeks straight."

Kate Hudson
: Kate Hudson eats light, usually yogurt with honey for breakfast and salads for dinner.

Fergie: "I do organic vinegar shots. Two tablespoons after lunch and dinner. It helps take toxins out of your body,"

Adriama Lima "i've been working out every single day..boxing & jumping rope"

Vanessa Williams: "beet-carrot juice in the morning" (naturally detoxifies)

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