Easy Ways to Naturally Cleanse & Detox

Ive always heard about juicing but was never exactly sure of its benefits. I mean of course I assumed it must be healthy, being veggies & all, but I never knew exactly what good it would do me.
I'd read beets are good for your blood...but what does that mean?? and how would it help me look fabulous?
Well tonight I found out!!
I juiced a beet, celery, carrots and some cabbage and without going into detail I can tell you, um well .. yes, it was like an at home, all natural colonic!
I feel so refreshed and energized! I also noticed my skin looks much more vibrant. I will defintely keep this up!!

Another extremely easy & favorite way to cleanse is to take a tablespoon or two of whole flax seeds and let them sit in a small cup of water for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes, close your eyes and chug that baby down!! Your body will seriously thank you for it in the morning!!

Flax seeds act almost like an astrigent and while moving through your body, they suck up waste matter while they move through you. In addition, flax seeds are full of essential fatty acids, which are sure to give your skin a deliciously healthy glow. Best of all, flax seeds have been hailed as cancer fighters.

Generally by morning, you will have bowel movement and you'll be happily surprised how flat your belly will become!

C'est la Vie!!

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  1. All I know is that it took me an HOUR to clean my juicer...I never made any again!

    Just couldn't do it.
    I guess I just have to eat them raw!