Bikini Boot Camp with the "Master of the Ass"

David Kirsch is knowen as the "master of the ass". He is the personal trainer to Heidi Klum, Naomi Cambell, Victoria Secret models Karolina Kurkova & Adriana Lima, and countless NY socialites.
David has published 2 books "Bikini Boot Camp" & "The New York Diet Plan" both of which detail the diet and exercise plan he uses to sculpt those outrageous bodies.

I purchased both books and, for me, they were very hard to follow without the proper preparation. The diet is challenging while the exercise intense.
Thats why I'm so EXCITED that David has come out with the supplements he uses to help get you through the fatique & hunger.

On his new website you can now purchase the same supplements he gives his stunning clients, like his Thermo Bubbles, which give energy & a feeling of fullness.

David tells "I provide my clients with "Thermo Bubbles" - natural appetite suppressants and fat burners."

He worked with Liv Tyler to get her ready for last year's Oscars and says she came in for twice-daily workouts.

He adds: "I have just finished an intense three weeks of training with Ellen Barkin; we focused on her arms, legs and lower back. She is going to blow everyone away(at this years Oscars)"

David whipped Heidi Klum's body back into shape 8 weeks after having her baby!
Says Heidi, "The Victoria's Secret show is the most challenging appearance for any model. Just eight weeks after I gave birth, David had my body lingerie-and-runway ready for the show. His program works fast -- and, more important, the results last."

Bikini Boot Camp Exercise & Diet

David recommends eating low carb for 2 weeks to really jumpstart your hot body. In his books, he suggests avoiding dairy, alcohol, sugar & processed carbs.

He recommends doing cardio for 45 minutes and then going through the toning routine he demonstrates in his books.

On his website he outlines which supplements to take & when

Im so excited to get started!!!


  1. But *I* don't have to do any of the work, right? As long as he does it all and makes me look great, I'm sold! Haha!